How could I get the actor name from Text value ?

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How could I get the actor name from a Text value ?


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Great question - hope there is an easy solution. Project I recently had - 30 actors all with the same name, but a number as a suffix. ie: Actor1 Actor2 Actor3, etc. I wanted to do a math function that added 1 to a variable and then append the actor name with that number (Actor + Variable = Actor1) Then feed THAT into a spawn actor or other input that was requiring an actor or class. This was to do a ‘flip book’ affect, everytime the player clicked ‘next’ button, the number would go up (or down) and the Actor would change or an Image would change, etc according to the result - which was text based. Thoughts?

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So, I have one actor, I need get the text value and set the actor. How could I make it ?

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This might not be the solution you looked for. I didn’t succeed in converting text into a class. The only thing I could do is converting an object or blueprint, get the class and pass this into the Actor class. You might need to rethink your strategy, because as I experienced there is no easy way to convert text to a class :).

Not a solution you can use for your current setup
Just FYI with passing the object class instead of text:

I’m kinda curious what the context of this is, what are you trying to do ultimately?

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I need a dynamic path to my actor, because a get the Actor Name from Json File and I need set the Actor from FormText Component. Do you have some idea to help me, please?

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It’s hacky and a wee bit awkward but should work: