How could I export meshes in the Level Editor as an .fbx?


I’m using a number of Asset Packs to design some levels and I’m finding myself wanting to create new pieces or create custom pieces (Such as a destroyed stairs) for my map.

  • Is their a way to export multiple selected objects in a scene and export them as an .FBX? I’d like to take the 2 selected stairs I have into Blender, model in a completed stairs between the gap, add some destruction so the player cannot walk up the stairs, UV it and re-import this back into my map and hook up the Shaders/Textures so it meshes together with the environment.

If those stairs are created using the BSP primitives, then you need to first convert them to static mesh, then you can export to FBX.

Then you can export the asset file to FBX:

Thanks for the reply, but as I pointed out multiple times. I’m using pre-made Assets and I’m wondering if its possible with my particular case?

I think in the meantime, create some BSP geo, export that and line up the pre-made Assets to achieve the effect I want as well.

You should be able to right click → “Convert Actors to Static Mesh”

then in the Content Browser, right click on the static mesh you made and click “Asset Actions” then Export

I would create backups of the originals just in case something goes wrong