How could I Control 2 pawns with 1 controller?

So we are trying to control 2 pawns with 1 controller, 1 for each analog stick.
Currently we have tried static meshes that use set/add transform, that worked exactly how we wanted, other than collision; If you hit a wall adding a transform would make you appear inside of it.

We then tried MovementInput with axis as scale, that fixed it! But… movement input moves root, which means we can’t control 2 components separately.

last option that we know of is to apply forces to each of static meshes, we would quite like to avoid this so I am curious as to if someone could shine some guiding light on subject!

i`m stuck on same problem, did you ever find a solution?


I FIGURED IT OUT. Spawn default controller is key. THEN relay input to pawn as you probably have been attempting. I guess a pawn needs a controller even if it does nothing or pawn will not move with CharacterMovementController.

Hey all,

I’ve posted an answer for this question here:

If you have any other questions, please refer to and respond on that thread. Thanks!