How could I combine multiple meshes sharing the same skeleton structure?


I have used the Additional meshed option in persona to combine my character with his clothing assets , which share same skeleton. However , once I close my Persona , or my Anime Blueprint , the changes are gone , and when I import the blueprint in the editor , the clothing assets are not visible. How do I combine multiple skeletal meshes sharing same skeleton structure in editor ?

sorry to bump an old thread but i would like to know as well if there’s a solution to this problem. Thanks

I’m not sure if this is the “right” answer, but I don’t think both the clothes and the character really need to be on two skeletons, especially if they’re the same.

So the character would be the skeletal mesh, and i’d make the clothes regular meshes. Then I’d add them to the skeletal mesh and try to parent them to the right bones, so that hopefully they’d be moving correctly. I’ve never done this but this is how i’d imagine it’d work. Like if you added a helmet mesh onto a character’s head, it would still move with his head - but it doesn’t have a skeleton, the character does.

Hopefully it helps! :slight_smile:

Hi , I have already done this many times. I import both the character and clothes sharing same skeleton, and then within character blueprint , I create separate skeleton meshes for every clothing part, and set the same anim blueprint to every skeleton mesh. Make sure you set the character as the master to the clothes within construction script or event graph, or else you may find glitches in your setup.

okey cool, it works. The only thing i forgot was to put the animation blueprint for each skel mesh. Thanks guys :slight_smile: