How could I brighten the dark texture colours without altering the light ones?

Is there something I could use in the texture node editor? I don’t want to make the whole texture brighter, just those really dark bits.

In the material editor, you can use a [Component Mask] node to separate RGB channels of the texture. Then you can use an [If] or [Lerp] node to create a mask out of one of the channels, and use it to alter only certain parts of the final material.

I don’t have access to the engine right now so I can’t show you any screenshots. Maybe later, if you still need help then.

IF used to determine the minimal value to alter, set to add a value will work.

I keep thinking there’s something that works as a simple exposure filter that would do this.

But in trying to make other things work as one, I came up with this… which is wrong… but it works.
I pull 1- from the texture.
Break it into R G B with component masks adding them for total luminosity.
Multiply the result by 2, then multiply the original texture by that for an output with the dark areas lightened.
Then subtract the original from it to remove the +1 from the multiply.

It’s a mess, but it kind of does what you’re asking for.