How costly is Physics?

Hey ,

For some reasons (Mostly CCD) I’ve to resort to physics based movement system.

I wonder how much additional toll it would cause on the performance if every player is physics body along with lot of gameplay actors.

I’m not talking about very complex physics shape, Most objects will be simple boxes and sphere and players will be capsules.

So what do you think , would an average server be able to handle hundreds of these simple objects simulating physics while doing other game logic alongside??

ok well I am stupid.

I tested it myself spawning hundreds of physics bodies and simulating them , surprisingly I managed to simulate a randomly generated mixture of 400 boxes,capsules and spheres simultaneously without any drop in FPS at all. On the server where there will be no rendering , It should be possible to simulate thousands of such simple objects :D.

Your test is nice, but when it comes to physics in ue4, other things are relevant too.
Do not tick(event) to many phys objects.
When objects collide, you want a sound played, for that you need some calculations, then sound played, based on velocity, before impact, even more calculations, checking for overlapping and so on.
There is a difference between pysics and physics.
The interesting part starts, when you want your playzone every start exactly the same config.
When you are tracing then calculations again go up…