How correctly include SQLite?

I used solution from this post:
SQLiteSupport module currently broken - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

And for usage SQLite this:
4.6 How to use SQLiteSupport? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums

But anyway I can`t include:

/#include “SQLiteDatabaseConnection.h”

it works only in this way:

/#include “Runtime/SQLiteSupport/Public/SQLiteDatabaseConnection.h”

When I call
FSQLiteDatabase db();
it returns:

error C4930: ‘FSQLiteDatabase db(void)’: prototyped function not called (was a variable definition intended?)

It can be declared like:

FSQLiteDatabase db;

But db.Open(TEXT(“TestDatabase.db”), nullptr, nullptr); returns:

function “FDataBaseConnection::Open” (declared at line 222 of “…\Database.h”) is inaccessible

How SQLite can be included?

I get access to SQLite database by plugin KhArtNJava/SQLite3UE4 (GitHub - KhArtNJava/SQLite3UE4: SQLite3 Database Plugin for Unreal Engine 4)

Firstly it wasn`t clear how use KhArtNJava (at least how get results of query)

Here Reddit - Dive into anything
posted link on detailed guide how use plugin.

Guide link: Unreal Engine 4 - SQLite with KhArtNJava/SQLite3UE4 - Google Docs

As I see now this plugin isn`t suitable for packaging. It returts error described here Build successful but can't package the project or launch project · Issue #11 · Jusas/SQLite3UE4 · GitHub

The best way that I find is include sqlite3 as 3rd party (as any static library)

For this:

  1. Get sources. I used SQLite Download Page (amalgamation)
  2. Build it (create new projects->sqile3 files->build it in Debug mode). After this you can find *.lib file
  3. Include it as 3rd party.

We hope this plugin can help you.

HiSQLite3 (SQLite3 For UE4)

The new version
SQLite3 Plugin:

I wrote a tutorial about this. No 3rd party plugins required.