how convert vehicle template car to arcade mode drive?

hello, i’m working in a ue4 template for the marketplace; i’m using the vehicle template as a base for my game template, my issue is that i need to make the driving from the vehicle template more arcade, because right now is to realistic and is very tricky to control the car.

so far i had found this article on google
it says that i can try tweaking the values from vehicle center mass to test the drive control; the issue is that the doc is from ue 4.15 and i didn’t found that values on ue 4.23.1

any idea how to do this ? or where i can found this docs updated to the ue 4.23.1?

thanks in advance for all the help.

sorry for the bump, anyone knows how to tweak the vehicle bp to be used as an arcade car game?

Forgive me for the necro, but does anyone have an answer for that?