How convert image to base64 or ByteArray

I have a logical problem. How convert image to Byte array or base64 to send via php? I try find some info to turn to base64 and no luck. I think this must made in C++ or can do in Blueprint?

i would like to know too!

me too! Would be nice

Use FBase64::Encode and FBase64::Decode to convert to/from binary <=> base64 text representation.

And how do we retrieve a binary uint8 array from the image?

	TArray<FColor> RawData;  // <- Assuming this is already populated with the image data
	int32 BufferSize = RawData.Num() * 4;  // <- Need a data point for each channel of each pixel in RawData
	TArray<uint8> DataBuffer;
	for (int32 i = 0, Max = RawData.Num(); i < Max; i++)  // <- This loop does the conversion from FColor to uint8
		DataBuffer.Append({ RawData[i].B, RawData[i].G, RawData[i].R, RawData[i].A });

	FString encodedString = FBase64::Encode(DataBuffer);  // <- Do final encoding to string.  Very long running.

Credit belongs to Taking Runtime Screenshots in Unreal Engine | Kazimieras Mikelis' Game Blog as I derived this from that page.