How come objects are invisible in certain viewports?

How come objects are invisible in certain viewports? For example i want to select things using the top view, but probably 80% of my scene cannot be scene in the top view or even clicked on…

*Update added photos of perspective and top view… top view showing the issue.

Can you post some screenshots please?

Just added screenshots. One of perspective view which is fine and the other of top view which is not. Both lookign at the same place in the level.

Hi kurylo3d -

There is a cull height for the Top Down Viewport when you are using the Lit Viewmode. This is in place to allow you to see the world without seeing the Skybox. Can you let me know what the origin point and Height of one of your buildings which is getting culled? It could be that the level was built at a high xyz value which causes some buildings to cut into the Culling Distance and as a result not rendering.

Let me know -

Eric Ketchum

Most of the stuff height origin is right that ground plane 0 - 100 … And its culling very small props in cluding peices of side walk.

Also i cant find the cull distance for the top view. Where do i adjust this? As i said before it sort of fixes itself if i turn it into the 2x2 with all cameras view and then maxamize the top.

The cull height is set to something in the neighborhood of 210990 along the Z Axis from a zero plane, but it is set via the Engine code directly not set in the editor unless changed in source code.

For the issue you are describing something else may be going on, is there anyway you can share a small sample version of this project that exhibits this particular error. I have been unsuccessful in reproducing internally as of yet.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

I will see if i can when I have some free time. The project is like 80gb so im not sure how easy it is to delete everything in the scene except for the terrain and a couple of objects and somehow get those into a new project.

You can migrate the meshes for the limited number of assets to a new empty project, this should take the materials and textures as well. Then you will need to migrate the Landscape’s material and the Landscape’s Layer Info Files. Then in the Origin Project Select the Landscape and copy it, without closing the editor open the New Project with the migrated assets and in a empty level, paste. Assuming all the Materials and Info migrated correctly you should now see the landscape in your new project. You can do that with the Building meshes as well as long as the assets exist in the Content Browser in the same place/name.

Hopefully that helps you out -

Eric Ketchum

Thanks eric, but in all honesty its too much hastle and take too much time when i already have a work around. The default perspective view that i switch to top view has this bug, but when i click the 4 way views using one of the other top views does not have the bug…

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On the off chance someone finds this looking for an answer, I had a similar problem. It was being caused by having a PixelDepthOffset set in the mesh’s material. I don’t know why, but in Orthographic views, it was sending that whole mesh to the back of the scene.

I’d recommend disabling any PixelDepthOffset in the material of that mesh and seeing if it renders correctly. Fixed the problem for me.

We’re going to be verifying visuals in perspective, disabling the PixelDepthOffset while working on our game, then re-enabling it for release.