How come no C++ versions?

I am trying to teach my students the C++ way of working with the gameplay framework. I point them to the gameplay framework documentation and the “How to” section. Only it doesn’t contain C++ versions of the elements, only Blueprint.

So my question is… why no C++?

Basically I’m not seeing much in the way of C++ information for basic day-to-day coding things. Which would be really helpful for newcomers to the engine to get something up and running. I’d love to just have to point them to the documentation pages, but right now I’m going to have to do tutorials on all this myself.

Can someone please update the documentation so that C++ and blueprint have feature parity?


I’d be really annoyed if I payed my tuition fees to be taught by some insightful master only to be pointed to the documentation…Just saying…

Hmm, I guess you’re not seeing that we can either: 1) do something useful OR 2) go over the exact ground that the documents should cover.

We have a limited time and I don’t want to have to cover the areas where the documentation is in place but incomplete. I’d rather we discuss the efficiency or otherwise of the engine’s choices of architecture (for instance). We’re talking University students here, so they shouldn’t expect to be taught every little function call name like you might expect for schoolkids.

I really just want the documentation to be consistent. It even says there are C++ and blueprint examples and then simply doesn’t have the C++ examples in place.

The C++ documentation has been improving, but unfortunately it’s still pretty lacking. I found the best way to learn (for me) was just classic learn it by doing. Having quick access to the actual source code is very helpful too. If you’re teaching university students, they should be able to read and understand header files. Of course it’s not optimal.

Also, since you’re now writing your own material, did you think about releasing it as an ebook or similar sometime? A lot of great programming books started as university professors’ lecture scripts that were polished and released as a book later.

Totally agree, C++ documentation needs some lovin.