How come my Get Angular Damping is returning 0?

This is my blueprint:

Here’s the full window to show the mesh has 5 set for angular damping:

Yet when I begin play, angular damping returns 0? It’s almost like this getter is getting angular damping from somewhere else that isn’t the vehicle mesh?

What’s going on?

unreal engine still has an ancient bug of ignoring values entered in sidepanels, i won’t be surprised if setting it more “manually” will fix it up, by connecting a “Set Angular Damping” node in the Construction Blueprint.
can you try it before proceeding?

Still returns 0 :frowning:

Original Angular Damping is set to 5.0

rather than connecting a variable to “in Damping”, disconnect it and write 5.0 manually in it’s field.

in a way you have arranged it now, the bug is still in power, as it is related to the float variable itself, and not “set angular damping” node.

alternatively, you can leave it as it, but insert a “set original angular damping” node before.