How collision Objects Channel and presets work ?

Hi !

I need some explications about the use of presets and object channel (in Project setting then collisions)

I want my camera to ignore collision with Pawns because the camera zoom to the player when it collide with a Pawn

For that I’am using the collision as you see on this screen

It’s just an example to know how to work but here I set that the default should be block but the preset ignore everything. So it’s block everything but what I need to see other actor to ignore but that didn’t change anything.

My thought was to set default response to block and then ignore the “World Dynamics” (WD) and Pawn, but the camera still collide with pawn… How I can filter the WD and the pawn on this panel ?

I run another like this image I put the camera to ignore but at the end it’s block everything… I can’t undestand

Can someone help my on this issue

Thanks a lot

Anyone ? =(

Default (pre-existing) channels won’t ignore Camera channel.
Your Pawn need a custom channel preset.