How change value of Blackboard Key

Hello. I have a problem. I need to find out how to change the black board key (WaitTime) value for each spawner separately. so far I have it like this but it returns the value of the last inserted spawner to the scene.

AI controller.

and How can i change Radius value from Spawner_BP ? I want to have everything on one place… Like what NPC, how many, which area and WaitTime between moves from 1 point to second…

This is because you are setting the same AI Controller’s blackboard key every time the for each loop runs a loop, so younare setting it to all of them in turn, keeping the last one’s value because no more are being used to set it after the end of the loop.

Cam you explain more what youre trying to do? It looks like youre trying to control multiple pawns with one single AI controller.