How Change the Project Name?

Me and my group have finished one demo of my game…but we don’t put the right name when we created the project…now when I play the game appears the splash with “Myproject5”…

Can I change this name and where I change it?

Hi Sand,

You can do this in the folder where your Unreal Projects are stored. If you go to Documents > Unreal Projects > The name of the project you’re working on (MyProject5) > Here

In this folder you’ll need to name the .uproject to the name you would like (less than 20 characters)

Then in the Config folder open the DefaultEngine.ini.

Change the name in the highlighted areas. I’m not a C++ person so if this project is referenced anywhere in code it may need to be updated as well. I just tested this with the Third Person BP Template.

Let me know how this turns out and if it’s working okay for you!

Thank you!


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Wow…Thanks! :smiley: I will try this immediately

YEAH!!! It works!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Thank you!!!

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Does anyone have tips for getting this to work for c++? Are there any other files we need to update in the source directory? This is after I clicked “Generate Visual Studio Project Files”.

ERROR: Couldn’t find target rules file
for target ‘MyNewGameTitle’ in rules
assembly ‘MyNewGameTitleModuleRules,
Version=, Culture=neutral,

I was able to do it, but it takes a lot of renaming.

You’ll have to change all instances of your project name in the root directory of your project as well as the source folder, and you’ll have to go into each c++ file and change them there too.

So Rename:


And you’ll have to change all instances of MYPROJECT_API to MYNEWPROJECT_API

And you’ll have to change all instances of #include “MyProject.h” to #include “MyNewProject.h”

Then you should be able to regenerate VS project files.

If you got c++ project, the fastest way is to use project templates.

  1. Just use this tutorial to create template (copy project to template directory, add TemplateDefs.ini from other template)
    Converting a Project to a Template | Unreal Engine Documentation
  2. Create project with new name from created template by Epic Launcher.
  3. ???

This method (Creating Templates) doesn’t work for 4.11 Unreal :frowning:

Another workaround for this is to…

  1. Create a new project with the name you want, then close it immediately.
  2. Go into the project folder for the new project and delete the “Content,” “Intermediate” and “Saved” folders inside.
  3. Copy-paste in the “Content” folder from your old project.
  4. Open the new project again and update any Project Settings to match the old one.

If you’ve changed a lot of things in the default Project Settings, this transition can get annoying (replacing some of the new project’s config files with your old ones can speed it up as long as your careful). Overall though I’ve found it to be fairly reliable.

Can’t compile my android project after renamed it, but have a backups. Please, can anybody with skills explain me where can I override my game name at least for android menu?

works fine but crashes by cooking game i tried everething but it wont work for me im using 4.12 btw

In 4.18, all I did was rename the uproject name. This changed the project name.

Doesn’t work on ShooterGame. Anyone know?

Hello. Sorry for my wrong English.
I don’t know if my decision will help anyone, but if you make a game on an android, it’s absolutely not important what your project is called. The main thing that is written under your icon on a mobile device.
Go to: Setting → Project Setting → Android → Application Display Name (app_name), project name if blank → (enter any name in any language).
After that, your file compiled on android will be named as your project. But the installed game on the mobile device will be named as you specified in the settings.

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Maybe if you juste duplicate the project and entry a new name !

For anyone looking to rename an entire project, you can use this tool.

Man, thank you for the link ! :slight_smile: I’ll try it but if this works, it would be awesome !

I do the same but:
I create a new project with the correct name (AwesomeGame).
Then I use windows explorer to delete everything inside.
Then I use windows explorer to copy and paste all content from the old project (MyProject)
Then I go into the new folder (AwesomeGame) and rename the projectfile from MyProject.uproject to match my new foldername (AwesomeGame) so it becomes AwesomeGame.uproject.

Works like a charm.
While I’m at it I also make a 192x192 pix Project image (.png) that I use as thumbnail for the project that i copy into the projectfolder (AwesomeGame) (set it in projectsettings from inside the project).