how change config(escape key) when playing from editor?

When playing a level in the editor, the escape key stop the player - how do you get to the graphics config screen that you usually get from ingame via the escape key?

die and press echap on the respawn screen :smiley:

that’s how i do it but it’s reset each time you stop the PIE session :s (annoying since only the 5 work for me in the belt in default :s)

not sure if they are not a config option somewhere :x

Setting menu above the play screen, go down to Scalability, Enjoy

just take a look, and you can only change the graphic side using the scalability no?

i think the problems he encountered is more because of azerty/qwerty difference and for that you can only edit the config in the PIE using echap ^^ (remap all the belt slot for example that don’t work with an azerty :wink: )

the other solution being using shift+alt for switching your keyboard to qwerty temporaly, why didnt i test that :smiley:

was reply to OP request :slight_smile:

“how do you get to the graphics config screen”

oops my bad, i surely did not read until the last part of the post :smiley:

well if other people read this post because of the issue with azerty keyboard they will found the reponse too :stuck_out_tongue: (shift+alt work, but the belt slot still dont work so still need to die to go in option menu to change it ^^ or just use the slot 5 that work xD )

Thanks wazalop and Nguyen Ken for the feedback, I’ve been playing with both techniques - ingame and from the editor - to help with increasing my FPS for modding/testing purposes.

Because of how much resources the PIE uses, for me, I’ve had the best luck with clicking the arrow next to Play and using the standalone. That requires FAR less resources, but has one major downside. Regardless of what you do, it always starts in high quality, and takes an eternity to rebuild shaders (especially if you change the command line to DX10, as it has to rebuild the entire shader model 4 cache). However, you can press Esc once in it and quickly lower the quality down to at least be able to test things.

I’ve had the best luck doing this.

Is definitely what I use when playing inside the editor. In particular Settings -> “Engine Availability Settings” is very useful.

FYI: You can guys can technically open the the pause menu with the console command “ShowInGameMenu” (when running without dedicated server) but this won’t work like you expect for graphics settings inside the editor. It’s not something we normally do but can be useful to quickly turn off something like camera shake.