How can you rotate camera via player bluprint?


I was trying to setup a camera rotation from the player blueprint (from scratch). I’m looking for this behave like the third person camera rotation. So when a player moves the mouse, the camera rotates around the player. I’ve copied across what I could see from the third person template, but the camera doesn’t seem to rotate:

  • I have setup the user input exactly like the third person template
  • I am getting a value from the axis when I move the mouse (via print string)

The screenshot shows what I’ve copied over.

Does anyone have any ideas why the camera rotation is not working?

as a first step, I’d check the settings on your Camera Boom… Use Pawn Rotation, Inherit Pitch/Yaw/Roll

Thank you @aNorthStar! - checking ‘Use Pawn Rotation’ on the camera boom worked.