How can you remove created player controllers in a local multiplayer in blueprints?

I created a local MP game (Split screen) where you can choose the number of players at the main menu (2-4) which will use a Create Player node to spawn additional controllers.

When the game is over, you’re back to the main menu to allow you to pick again, the number of players. However, no matter how many players you pick for the next game, it always spawns additional controllers as the spawned ones from the previous game are still there (even if you pick 3 players in the first game, then 2 players in the next game, it will split the screen to 4 players)

I am trying to find away to “unspawn” or destroy the created player controllers using blueprints but I am not sure how to do that. Some people suggested using an Execute Console command with “DebugRemovePlayer” but this won’t work in the shipped version - as per this 7 year old thread:

Any way to remove created player controllers in blueprints?


P.S. I tried destroy actor and this doesn’t work

So this didn’t work?

Are you loading menu level or you have a UMG menu and you are in 1 level?