How can you click on a user Interface widget with an invisible mouse cursor?

Hi, in our game we are using many different cursors. To do this, I’ve set the hardware mouse cursor to not be visible on screen and to draw a sprite in its place instead. This works great since I can still click on things in the game as if it was the hardware mouse.

My issue is that on occasion, we will have a user interface widget appear in the corner of the screen that contains some buttons the user can click on. Through some trial and error, I have discovered that these buttons (or the anywhere on the widget, I’m sure) can only be interacted with using the hardware mouse–it must be set to visible. Not only am I unable to click on any of the widget buttons with our image cursor, but the image cursor displays underneath the widget (widgets probably always render on top of everything in game).

Is there a way to click on the widget buttons with my image cursor (i.e. while the hardware mouse is not visible)? Alternatively, I might be able to settle for turning on the hardware mouse while it’s over the image the buttons are on, and turn it back off when it is no longer over the image. I’ve tried using On Mouse Enter and On Mouse Leave, but I’ve only gotten that event to trigger if I leave the window/viewport, and can’t figure out how to trigger when entering/leaving only the widget image. Thank you.

Hey! I’m also experiencing same problem. I’ve added a custom mouse cursor. And set the default mouse to none in player controller blueprint. And I’m not able to click the user widgets or in-game objects as well.
If I keep on clicking on widget buttons for 20 times, with my custom cursor, for one time it clicks the button. I don’t know why this happens. Please community help us. What is the solution ?