How can you Blend between multiple Blendspaces?

For my animation BP, I have several Blendspaces I need to use. My goal is to blend between the various blendspaces using 3 different Parameters. How can I do this in the anim Graph? most examples I seem usually just use two parameters. Any help would be greatly appreciated since I’m a bit new to Unreal. I’ve done this in Unity using Unity’s Blendtree, and would like to do a similar approach:


Did you read my question? It seems you just copied and pasted from the official document:
Blend Spaces in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.3 Documentation

I wasn’t asking what blendspaces are, I know what blendspaces are. I have several of them already created, each of them driven by 2 values. However I have a total of 3 different values I need drive the animations off of. I need to figure out how to blend between the different blendspaces if it is possible.

I am trying to do the same thing, also for some flying animations. Did you ever figure it out?

If you mean you want to use multiple blendspaces in a single Animation Graph then you just have to follow these steps:

First go to your animation graph and in the state where you want to use your BS just drop any BS (doesn’t matter which one).

Then click on the blendspace then in the details panel you will see an option (blendspace) in front of this option will be a drop down menu with bind written on it. Click on it and choose expose as pin.

Then a blendspace selection will pop up in the BS you dropped in the graph. Just promote it to a variable.

Screenshot (25)

Then you can change this variable by running branches in the event graph.


Use node “Layered Blend per Bone” into AnimGraph panel (and customize the values of the bone name and the blend weight)