How can you actually learn c++ for any modern version

Morning all,

I’m fairly apt at c++ and worked years in VFX so I’m used to steep learning curves! I love the look and idea of Unreal and how its blooming. I am scrapping an Qt5 project to recreate in Unreal, I really have become very passionate about this. Unreal has so many great potentials I really want to invest serious time to this under my belt. Its fueling so much fire under me belly that I’m even looking to jump into VR/ Gaming world. Great stuff guys…

… but I have a major grip and deep frustration in the learning. It seems that every tutorial I seem to go into is for very old versions but the tutorials are under a year old. Trying to update to modern versions requires fairly indeterminate knowledge or someone that knows what to do…I have neither.

I have access to pluralsight and I love Rob Brooks’s courses. I went through his Fundaments and trying to go through “Blueprint C++ integration”. I like to learn from someone that is “battle worn”, he knows his stuff and you know he has faced deadlines. I have spent hours googling trying to work out but it seems to a noob that each version seems different and no reflection to the next.
I appropriate and love agile committee but really … how do you guys’ learn? I have had to download 4.15, 4.14 that’s now like 4-5 versions down. This seems very wrong. Especially as AR is a major player in the world and available only in 4.19.

I tried the Unreal docs but they are terribly laid out for the dyslexic committee (your not alone there!). Unreal seems to have their own “sofa session” but they are like 1.5 hours long over 3 videos a topic and you don’t know if they will even touch what you need to. Yes I should just watch but time is gold to me. Alas to be young again!

I don’t want to complain nor come across as aggressive, I’m not trying to be. Talking to people at work they are saying this is why a lot of people when Unity route and probably shouldn’t say this, I wonder if this knocks of potentially of using Unreal outside of game studios. I know that Unity is heavily used for VR.

Any help - pointers to modern tutorials, etc would really be greatly appropriated.

Thanks all and nice to meet you all.