How can we get accurate landscape position for PCG?

I am using a simple graph which ends up generating cubes that are floating in the air, underground, or somewhere in between. Is it possible to get accurate location data for spawning static meshes, or to improve the accuracy?

The spawner just spawns a regular basic shape cube and the transform makes it small. Of course I am not planning to have a level with tiny cubes but I want other things to sit on the surface where I spawn them. Is it possible to do?

Hey sorry for the delay!
That’s weird, because scaling should not move the points, and they should still snap to the landscape.
I tried the exact same setup as you in an empty Open World map and I can’t reproduce that.

In general, when you move points, you probably want to reproject them on the landscape, using the Projection node.

Hey Adrien, thanks for getting back to me; I’m glad we can work through this together.

Here’s a vid showcasing the problem I am having.

In the video I focus on the floating points at the end but there are to the left a couple of points you can see for a second that are also under the landscape. Maybe you can try following the same steps I did in the video and see if you can recreate the problem?

I did not do a projection like you suggested but I am not sure it is necessary in this case, but please correct me if I’m wrong. I figured I could forgo it because I am not using a spline or something to create a set of points that need to get projected down.