How can we create dynamic button in umg ?I want to create dynamic buttons. For particular number of. Arrays

I want to create dynamic buttons. For particular number of. Arrays.

  • (top) Construct Object from Class to create native widgets - buttons, borders, text blocks, etc


  • (bottom) Create Widget to create user widgets

I’d recommend wrapping the native button in a User Widget, make it pretty & functional, and then populate panel containers with those derived, snazzy buttons.

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Thanks for your quick response. But, Im getting dynamic arrays from cloud server and the number of arrays will be different each time ,so I want to create buttons which will be equal to the number of arrays and bind the array name on Button .Currently I’m getting only one button and its name on button, but when i print the array it shows all array getting accessed from server but when I set to button using for loop of array >set array element it only access the first array.

Not sure if I follow.

You run a loop, create widgets, pipe in the data, bind their dispatchers and add them to a container.

The container already acts as an array, but you may want to have it all in an array as well, ofc.

If you’re having issues with misbehaving logic/ script, show us the script.

Solved it !!!

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