How can we create a working fire extinguisher?

We’re trying to create a fire extinguisher particle system that will extinguish flame particle systems. We’ve tried creating collision events in each of them to generate a kill event but we’re having trouble getting the two emitters (extinguisher and fire) to talk to each other to actually trigger the event. Is it possible to trigger a particle collision event by colliding particles from two separate emitters?

Are we going about this the wrong way?

Is there a better way to create an extinguisher system?


Why not just do a trace from your location, check to see the object you’ve hit is a fire, then if the distance is within an acceptable “extinguisher distance” away, kill it.

That way your particle systems are just there for an effect, not to perform any particle collision hit events.

can you teach me MajinSephiroth? i dont know how to extinguish the fire since i have a gun with water particle and try to extinguish the fire. i do many ways such as on particle collide and it seem like go to wrong way to fade out of it. sorry for my bad english

Here is some info on what Majin suggested - Line Traces (or Shape Traces).

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Simple Line Trace Weapon - YouTube