How can students import assets

Our school like many others is on lockdown. Our Unreal class runs on Macs, with Splashtop remote access for students. They have reached a point where they need to import assets, and this can’t be done by limited rights users. How do others manage this?

Not enough information.

How are the students contributing to a remote project now?
Is this code or content assets?

Step 1 = creating a source chain, not to be confused with source control, where code and content can be consolidated based on the sum of all the parts. Be remote or local access the same requirements are required in order to keep everyone out of the way of others contributing .

Thanks for reply, I just do the installs and have no experience running the software. The instructor is not that familiar with it either although she knows a lot more than I do. “others contributing” afaik, this is a one student/one computer class, so only say, Jane Doe needs the assets. I was sorta hoping there are libraries that I as admin could put on the computer, that Jane could then select what she needs from. No?

Start here

mind you CMS is weak in UE4 at the moment as to the idea of being able to be selective as to individual elements of the project so in general most if all projects are unique to project requirements of the individual supplier.

The first step however is having a “place” where all of the goodies can be stored once they are ready as in my experience remote development is generally built based on individual workflows and tool use so establishing how assets needs to be committed requires a rule set as to keeping a healthy project.

For example the repository could be created under the project folder so that the assets are updated automatically with little interaction but the side effect can be a blotted resource pool tied to the size of the project.

Thank you for the information, I’m sure it will help me when learning online.

I was unable to import the assets.

Thanks for advice!