How can my Character Interact/toggle a class BP?

Hi guys!

I’m currently working on a firstperson character project, where my character has a remote that can toggle a wheelchair lift on a car. Now i’ve managed to set up a hand that has an Idle animation and a toggleremote animation for when i push my left mousebutton.
The wheelchair lift, has an animation as well that i would like to activate whenever i push the left mousebutton key, so i made a classblueprint with the lift and set it to play the animation whenever i push the leftmouse button key.
However it seems that when i do that the hand will not toggle the “toggle Remote” animation, leaving the hand in a constant idle animation.
I’m fairly new to blueprints and i can’t seem to figure this out or how to ask google the right question… Can any of you tell me what i’m doing wrong?

I ended up creating a custom event for the animation in the Class BP and called that function in the FirstPerson BP, sat it up with a line trace and added a blocking volume to the Class BP, so that when hit it started the animation :slight_smile: