How can I zero-out movement in only one direction on one axis?

Hey guys. I’m making a sidescroller and I don’t like the floaty way my character is jumping. What I want to do is have it so that when I let go of the jump button, my character immediately starts to fall back down to the ground–I don’t want to wait for gravity to overcome the upward force, I just want to cancel that stuff out right at the moment I release the jump button. I know what you’re about to say, but I want to do this without increasing the gravity, since that affects how fast I fall, too, and I want the falling rate to remain right where it is.

Using the “Stop Movement Immediately” node works great for this purpose except for the fact that it stops any downward Z motion, too–so if I release the button while I’m falling down, I freeze for a moment–along with any and all left or right motion, so it makes jumping around really jerky. I can’t use that.

If there’s some way to break the “Stop Movement Immediately” node apart and have it only affect movement along just one direction on the Z axis, I’d love to hear about it. Or maybe there’s another way to do this altogether? Let me know.

Thanks for your help!

I just had a breakthrough. It’s not perfect, but it’ll work with my game since I don’t have to worry about lateral acceleration. Here’s what I did: Just after I “Stop Jumping”, I “Get Physics Linear Velocity” of my character and “Break Vector” the return value, take the Z value and “CompareFloat” with 0. Now, from the “>” pin, I put “Stop Movement Immediately.” This makes it so that, only if I have upward momentum to kill, do I actually kill my momentum. This actually works really well in my game; I’m no longer getting any jerky movement when I release the jump button on the way down like it used to do.

Like I said, the only problem would be that if I had to worry about zeroing-out my lateral motion. Luckily for me, I already cranked up my Max Acceleration to the point where I don’t even notice that it’s being zeroed during my jump. It would be nice to be able to pinpoint the Z axis since that’s all I really want to cancel out, but hey, it works.