How can I work on a project with my friend

I’ve used other engines with GitHub and it was easier to collab with friends but now I cant seem to get anything to work. always when trying to pull it says unable to unlink old .log and .umap. I’ve tried searching for the error and other ways to collab but found no way. How can I collab with my friend? it isn’t a small game so GitHub wouldn’t work that well with their file limit. I’m new to the forums so IDK if this is in the right category

Hey there @Doggoinator! Welcome to the community!

So at base you want to link the source control you use to unreal so you can check files in and out. This is a different workflow than you’re used to.

Here’s some docs on collaboration using source control:

One common misconception is that you can’t use Git for larger projects. You can absolutely use any repo management even those with tight file sizes. The proper pipeline to work is without heavy art assets/sounds etc, until later in the project. Once that time comes, GitLFS is what you’d use.

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That said, if your friend is on the same local network and you want to work in the same scene at the same time, you could try your hand at multiuser editing.

Let me know if you have any questions! I’m no devops guru but I’ve managed many pipelines.

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