How can I use Vulkan in 4.12?

I know Vulkan makes game good performance.
I hope to use Vulkan for VR, PC game.
However, it is hard to find Vulkan tutorial or guide myself.

I heard Vulkan put in UE4 4.12
Please let me know how do i use Vulkan in 4.12.


Here is a wiki guide that will run you through the setup you need:

Have a great day

With the 4.12 Release you don’t have to compile from the source code like the wiki describes. Just download 4.12 with your launcher and if Vulkan Mobile Preview (PIE) is missing from your play menu you just need to enable it and have the correct vulkan drivers installed. To enable the Vulkan Preview, go to Edit → Editor Preferences → Experimental → Rendering → check Enable Metal/Vulkan/High-end Mobile Preview Rendering Level in editor and PIE-> check Allow Vulkan Mobile Preview. The feature is experimental and not everything is complete but it’s a start.

HI Everyone. i resolve the reflection problem. (Only Static Reflection) Use a Post Porcess Volume and use a Sphere Reflection Capture. and its work on Mobile on OpenGL Not Vulkan.

Thank you!
Wish I’d read this two hours ago :stuck_out_tongue: