How can I use vertex colors to create color variations?

Fresh Unreal user here, Is there a way to create color variations of a mesh using vertex colors? I have a basic model of a chair with 2 vertex colors assigned. 1 for the cushions and 1 for the frame. I want to be able to instance the chair with a couple different color variations.

Can you show the material?

That would probably help huh

UE Material

Im using textures baked out from substance. All I want is variations of the base color. I’ve baked out in greyscale because thats what Ive seen other games like Fortnite use for the diffuse and than its somehow colored later.

Heres a screenshot of some _D maps extracted from fortnite. How are those textures being used as a diffuse when some of them are greyscale?

You can multiply by a color, here

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