How can I use Unreal Engine Editor's Progress Bar (NOT UMG)

Hello, I’m building a custom editor mode plug-in for UE4.11 and I was wondering if I could use the built-in progress bar that UE4 already has. The only stuff I can find is for UMG and In-Game progress bars.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Did you find out anything?, I’d like to do the same.

Yes, I found FScopedSlowTask to work perfectly.
Here is an example of how I implemented it:

FScopedSlowTask SlowTask(files.Num(), LOCTEXT("GeneratingDataText", "Generating Data"));

for (auto& file : files)
	//Implementation can be before or after

You can also see the documentation here: FScopedSlowTask | Unreal Engine Documentation

yes, I just posted what I found

Perfect!, thank you.