How can i use the same action mapping for crouch and prone

I am trying to use left shift to go into crouch and prone. So far I can get the player to crouch then prone then back to crouch. When I press it a 4th time he goes back to prone not standing. How can I use it 4 times to make him stand?

I’m making a system similar to yours, but with a “keep pressed” system for prone-related changes, but I really can’t get prone from the crouched position. As you did I posted a question which was left unanswerd, I’m quite a noob but considering that we face problems with a similar project we could try and fix this together! You can see my nodes here: “Can't prone from crouching and conversly - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums” would you show me yours?

just seen this my computer broke an di lost everything im working on it again ill have it done by tomorrow ill send pictures

i use flip flops i just need to find away to get back from prone to crouch to stand

Well, first of all I’m sorry for your PC I know how frustrating it is! About your system… actually I don’t understand how should it work because the right part is not connected with the left one. I made some try to make a system like the one you proposed with FlipFlop, I send you a system that should work, it’s just two FlipFlop combined: click1: FlipFlop1 gives A (crouch); click2: FlipFlop1 gives B (second FlipFlop), FlipFlop2 gives A (prone); click3: FlipFlop1 gives A (crouch again); click4: FlipFlop1 gives B (second FlipFlop), FlipFlop2 gives B (stand up).

Hi, guys,

I set this process chain and it is working:

Press 1 = Crouch
Press 2 = Prone
Press 3 = Crouch
Press 4 = Stand

I`ve just noted in the first two clicks, the player character will crouch then stand. Only after the third click, the process cycle will work fine (Crouch, Prone, Crouch and Stand). I don’t know why this is happening.

I`ve created two inputs, Crouch and Prone, however the action chain refers only to the Crouch Input. In addition, I created two variables in the Player Controller BP: Crouch Pressed, Prone Pressed. I don’t believe “Is Standing” is really necessary for this case. In addition, I created transition rules from Walk Idle to Crouch and from Crouch to Prone:


The only feature I had to work on is how to switch between standing and crouching while in combat. It would be really dangerous going prone with dozens of enemies right in front of you. The easiest solution was to create a condition rule to prevent going prone while the player is moving in any direction. However, the best approach would be using the tap / hold variation. Tap the button (quick press it) for the crouch/stand switching and hold it for the crouch/prone one. The actions would be taken in the following settings:

  • From the Standing pose: Tap for crouch
  • From the Crouching pose: Tap again to stand up, our hold the button to going prone
  • From the Proning pose: hold it again to Crouch

I’ve never implemented such tap/hold variation so far, but I will be trying different commands to figure it out and keep you posted. In the meanwhile, I appreciate any suggestions.

I hope it helps.

Best regards.