How can i use the materials from the ark dev kit in my own project

help i want to use the matrieals from the ark dev kit in my own project. but when i i put the material in my conten folder is disaperd. but when i import it its gone to but only the static meshes stay but wiht no material to it please help me

  1. Load the Ark project
  2. Right-click the material you want to move in the content browser
  3. Go to Asset Actions -> Migrate
  4. Choose your destination content folder

Everything you need will be copied across. This is the right way to move assets between projects.

Can we use these assets in commercial project? Just like starter content or Infinity Blade’s assets?

A quick google wouldn’t tell me. Try emailing the Ark guys directly.

thx for the answers but i aleardy did migrate it but then he shows nothing :frowning: