How can I use the 'Live Streaming' feature? (4.9.2)


I was playing with blueprints and came across the ‘Live Streaming’ category. I had a look and can see that you can “broadcast” the games video output, using an “internet streaming service”.

I checked the [blueprint node reference/api documentation][2], but did not see anything about Live Streaming (I know, at the top it says that it may not be up-t-date).



  1. Is there an example somewhere of how to use these features?
  2. Can I, instead of streaming to a internet streaming service, stream to another machine (either on my network or from the cloud – amazon web services)?
  3. If not (2), is there another way that I can stream the game video across the network (preferably from an AWS instance) to a client machine?


I guess it is a mystery!

Actually i am interested in this topic too

Hi ,

the livestreaming feature was an experiment by the Epic Games guys which required you to manually get the Twitch SDK in order to use without it crashing on you.

However, twitch has stopped supporting the SDK and no longer gives it out therefore making these nodes useless.

Thanks for the update.

Any chance we can still use this and stream to a specified end point? Docs around what kind of end point to set up etc? I actually have a need to either stream video or sequential camera screen shots. I need to select various cameras which then stream their rendered output across the network.


Sorry to necro this, but can the web cam still be enabled through this node? and then have the texture accessed via. IGameLiveStreaming::Get().GetWebCamTexture()

Any chance you actually managed to figure how to do that ? I’ve been looking for an answer to that specific question for ages and I feel like i’m getting close, but i can’t go any further than this post…
Please be my savior