How Can I use The 3Dconnexion Spacemouse?

I’m starting to use Twinmotion for architectural rendering. I think it’s great. Id love to use my 3Dconnexion Spacemouse for easier navigation.
Thank you!

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People have been asking this question for the last 5 years or more.

Its utterly ridiculous that it still isn’t an internal part of ue4

unreal engine working now with a new driver

I can’t seem to get it to work with any version of UE later than 4.24. Also I noticed that it wont work in the blueprint editor, but only the main editor, which is a real bummer, especially when using the viewport in the BP editor.

Am I missing something or have done something wrong?

I found this answer:

Firstly, our apologies for not getting back to you on this issue any sooner.

When we shipped the plugin for Unreal Editor, version 4.26 was still in pre-release. This means the “BuildId” number of the plugin module does not match the application, triggering the “failed to load” error.

Since 4.26 has now been released, we should be able to rebuild the plugin with the compatible “BuildId” just like we have for engine version 4.25 and older.

In the meantime, I suggest the following:
Close Unreal Editor v. 4.26.0.
Ensure you’re running the release version of 4.26 (not a beta or other pre-release build; if necessary, check the application’s “Build.version” file in the “Build” directory).
In File Explorer, go to “\Engine\Plugins\3Dconnexion\TDxUnrealEditor\Binaries\Win64”.
Open the “UE4Editor.modules” file in a text editor (notepad.exe, say).
Change the “BuildId” number to “14830424” and close the file.
Start Unreal Editor and load your project.
Alternatively and if you do not wish to use the plugin, simply delete the “3Dconnexion” folder in the “\Engine\Plugins” director

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What about if there is no 3Dconnexion folder in the “Engine\Plugins” directory? I ran a verify on the UE install, updated the latest 3Dconnexion software, restarted 3 times for good measure sort of thing, but no folder on my install.

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Indeed, has anyone done the proper steps to submit a request to Unreal ?

There are no proper steps, as the plugin is not the responsibility of epic games.

Logitech own 3dconnexion, which is why the plugin is poorly supported.

  1. Make sure the latest driver is installed.
  2. Connect the Universal Receiver to your computer.
  3. Select the Universal Receiver from the properties panel, click on “Add Device” and follow the instructions.