How can I use realtime online data in UE4?

Is there a way to constantly update values through data that gets checked from an external source every few milliseconds? I would like to visualize some GPS data in Unreal.

Well yes technically it is.

You will need to make quite a few additions via c++ and over all I’d probably suggest to use Javascript if the main focus is visualizing some data. If the main focus is a game with this feature you probably want to create a server which communicates via Json and does everything for you and which is simply giving you all data you want for each request. It’ll probably not be in millisecond intervals but the server might just be able to do milliseconds so you can just fake that part and directly send time and values together and just graph that in unreal.

I hope this helps a little.


Edit: Correction. There are better methods. It still isn’t possible naively through blueprint though. There are some plugins which add basic web page functionality which could allow you to do somethings.

However if you actually want real time rendering json is not the way to go. You actually want to work a bit more basic though unreals networking should work quite well. It’s built for multiplayer games (aka real time) so it will do just fine. You just need to add the database connection (or whatever you use) for the server in C++ and update your variables / send the data to all clients.

Thanks, those are exactly the right pointers.

Are you using GPS coords in yor project?