How can I use player in cinematics?

I want to animate third person player in cinematic without using same-looking different mesh? How can I do it in kismet? I have nearly tried every way but I cant do it :frowning: Thanks for your help.:wink:

For example in Splinter Cell:

it can be done by putting the skeletal mesh of the player in scene add it to matinee with the animation u need

Thanks for your reply but this is not what i am looking for.I want to make a cinematic using player itself just like in the video.I think it is possible but I could not find a way to do it.

If I understand what you want to do, you don’t need matinee.

Create a Bink video then import it into UDK. Create a new material then add the video to the material, it will create a texture sample node in the material. You then add the material to the object face you want to play the video on. Not sure if you can rewind or control etc, do some searches for tutorials and they may explain further. If it can’t be rewound I’m sure there’s creative way to work around. Think I once had a camera pointed at a wall hidden from gameplay view with the material playing the video and just stop/started the camera so the video could be seen.

If you want to create a mirror, from content browser right click then create a textureRenderTarget2D, should be some tutorials on that if thats what you want …

Thanks. I learn something new thanks to you :).But it is not what I want to do:Just look at Sam Fisher in the video.We control Sam(Player) and get to Sam to the phone and when we press the action key cutscene starts.Sam starts to be controlled and animated by Matinee.I want to do it my own third person player in UDK with Kismet and Matinee.I hope i explain it correctly.

I think there’s a play animation in matinee, so I guess you’d make the target for matinee the skel mesh of the player pawn and play the animation on it. Probably need to animate the 3rd person camera through matiness so will need a camera track, there should be plenty of tutorials on playing an animation and controlling the camera

Yeah I know how to use camera tracks.In this way (using the skel mesh of the player) I need to hide player in the cutscene,needn’t I?

Might have misunderstood what you want but why hide the player? Thought you wanted to take control of the player and play an animation on the player and track them with the 3rd person camera. This is what you’d do as I described

Thank you.but when i use player skel mesh from the content browser there is two meshes with player in the cutscene,isn’t it? or is there a way to use the skel mesh of the player directly in kismet?

Was thinking you could use the skel mesh of the player in matinee, by plugging the player var into NewSkelMeshGroup for matinee after deleting the 2nd skel mesh you dragged into the scene. You could set physics of the player to interpolating before the matinee node but after thinking about it am not entirely sure if it works on a player. Will work fine on a 2nd skel mesh, have a play around.

If it doesn’t work, maybe you can add an exec function to your PC to do an Unpossess, dunno maybe it will work? Therefore in kismet unpossess pawn from console command, set physics then link to matinee and after matinee ends run another console command to possess pawn back.

However if it was me I’d do all of this from script and run the anim from the animtree.

Maybe someone else knows the kismet side better and has another suggestion?

VAR yourPawnClass SavedPawn;

exec function doUnpossess()
exec function PossessMe()
  Possess(SavedPawn, false);

Okay thanks for your informative replies :slight_smile:

I was trying to do this today and just by using in kismet new action>pawn>pawn anim you paste the name of the anim name that you like FROM the animset that your player uses and done.Im having a zombie that when it reaches me plays a bite my neck animation and was wandering how to make this easy for me.Now when he touches me and plays his animation,when im touched i can fire a separate animation that the player is resisting(having the physics turned off in kismet)and after the animation is over for both zombie and me i turn on the physics of the pawn so that i can continue to move.

Finally a kismet node that does what it says lol!

I’m using Matinee only to animate the camera. In the scripts, the Matinee camera location are relative to the player location, then the player and other bots runs their animations.

But there are no transition to normal camera to the matinee one, I’m working on that.