How can I use Editor Utility Widget/Blueprint to modify selected items from UMG Widget hierarchy?

I was wondering how I could go about using the Editor Utility Widget/Blueprints as a tool for making layout and widget changes to items selected in an open widget’s hierarchy without having to use C++. Furthermore, is there any way to use these to, say, find all widgets of a class in the hierarchy and add them as the defaults in an array rather than needing to populate an array at runtime or by hand?

Ex. I want to find all of “SpecialButton” class within the hierarchy and add to array, or maybe even just find all “SpecialButton” class for the selected panel widget and all it’s child panel widgets. Or maybe I want set a rotation setting in selected image material and then flip the image size dimensions accordingly. Even pre-construct can be a lot if you’re having to search every child for items of a class and add them to arrays and I’d love a solution for actually batch changing variable defaults in-editor and avoid much runtime effort. Bridget the gap for the construction script ability widgets lack.

Additionally, is there any way to use the Editor Utility Widget/Blueprint to modify or append Data Table rows, add to Enums, etc?