how can i use dynamic uasset without reboot ue4

Hello,I want to sync my asset to my partner.
So i write a server to upload my uasset and asset’cache。But when my partner download ussat from cloud.they have to reboot the ue4 or else they can’t see any asset in content browser.
I remenber the asset will research all the disk when the ue4 is opening.
then i try to use the interface in “IAssetRegistry” like “ScanPathsSynchronous” and “SearchAllAssets”
i use it in my python

import unreal
import sys

assetRegistry = unreal.AssetRegistryHelpers().get_asset_registry()
paths = ['/Game/DataFactory/482/gsBnHZzp/test_007']
# assetRegistry.search_all_assets(True)

i try many ways but nothing happen

so how can i going on??