How can I use Datasmith in the VXGI branch engine?

I have been using Datasmith tools to visualize the building in the illusory engine, but I find that the real-time global illumination system in the illusory engine is very bad.

One of the most attractive places for building visualization using an illusory engine is its real-time rendering, so I tried to use the VXGI version of the branch engine for building visualization, and VXGI did bring me a very good real-time global illumination, but I found that I couldn’t use Datasmith in the VXGI branch engine.

When I tried to rebuild the Datasmith plug-in, like other plug-ins, in the branching engine, it didn’t seem to be rebuilt. I also tried to copy the plug-in content directly to the branch engine, but the engine hint version was incompatible.

I think the use of Datasmith tools to combine global illumination with VXGI will be a perfect building visualization process, but why don’t we have a way to try to use Datasmith in a branch engine? Or one day a fantasy engine will integrate VXGI?

If you wanted to use your own custom build of Unreal Engine, this is not directly possible with Datasmith because Datasmith only supports the official binary release of Unreal Engine. However, you could use Datasmith on an official release of UE4 and then transfer the UE4 assets to the custom build. As long as the custom build is the same UE version, or a higher version, this should work.

You can only go one-way with assets. From a lower version of the engine to a higher version. You can’t do the reverse. Previews are slightly different, assets from a higher preview could be loaded into a lower preview, but once you’ve moved to the latest preview, there is no mechanism for installing an older preview.

Thanks, I seem to have to do that at the moment. I’ve been using UE4 to make architectural visualizations, and I’ve been attracted by the real-time capabilities of UE4, but I think the dynamic lighting system in UE4 does have a big problem.

Before using VXGI, I used LPV+DFAO all the time, but the GI of LPV was not so accurate, and the distance field was often too large to produce a larger distance than 8M, resulting in the poor quality of DFAO and DF Shadow. And CSM shadows can’t produce high - quality shadows on distant details, and he always neglects many of the details, so I have been plagued by the dynamic lighting system of UE4.

The most attractive thing about using UE4 to make Architectural Visualizations is real-time visualization, and if it takes a lot of time to roast the scene, it has no advantage over software such as 3DS Max. In architectural visualization, the pursuit of quality is very important, and the acquisition of high quality static images is often necessary. I don’t understand why EPIC has made an illusory Studio Series and Datasmith tools. Why do not make a set of tools that can be real-time, or very fast, to get high quality static images, or more powerful real-time lighting. System? Because we really need this system, and the quality of the high resolution screenshots can’t be satisfactory. He can’t even compare with the Ansel plug-in.

Does EPIC have plans to increase support for real time systems and better still image acquisition tools? I think that if there is a set of such a complete system, I think UE4 can even replace the status of tools such as 3DS Max in the field of architectural visualization, and it will become one of the preferred tools for architectural visualization, at least in our view, it can do that.

You should take a look at our blog on DXR and imagine what that will do for you. It’s all going to change. BTW, the DXR tech runs on current GPUs, just much slower.

Yes, I saw from GDC that DXR began to pay attention to it, and even made preparations for it to replace the new GPU.

But DXR is just the GPU ray tracing technology. I’m curious about the illusory studio series, besides Datasmith, will there be more other tools for designing visualizations? For example, high resolution, high quality image acquisition / rendering tools similar to Vray? Or are there many DXR tools that are more suitable for building visualization using illusory engines?

Real time architectural visualization must be wonderful. I hope we can be first in xuhuanyinq.

There is much more coming from Unreal Studio and Datasmith (and Unreal Engine of course!). If you have a specific feature request, put it in the forum thread for Unreal Studio feature requests.