How can I use a .mp4 as a startup movie instead of .bk2?

In UE4.27 I can not use a .mp4 video anymore, only a bink video file. The RAD Video Tools give me only a bink 1 video file instead of 2.

I would stay far away from bink, as its compression ratios are unparalleled in how bad they are. Literally, they are worse than h.263, theora, and other very old codecs.

On my end, h.264 is working just fine in editor.

yes it is hard to understand, Epic buy and did the integration of bink with bk2 file only.
BUT you have to pay a license (when rad what to respond to you) to export a .bk2 from their radtools.exe
I just what to compare h264 vs vp9 vs bk2 on an Android device with big resolution…
it is too sad that h265 and av1 or not integrated in Unreal