How can I use a characters from other computer games in my project?

I’m interested in using characters from other computer games in my project. Can I do than if I’ll change names of the characters or little bit change colors and structures of bodies?

Short answer, no. You’ll need as much effort covering it up than it takes to create one. And you expose yourself to legal pursuit anyway. It’s a bet that just can’t pay off if you plan on a minimum scaling.

Hopefully Unreal Engine is already really generous with its embed quality assets, more than any other engine on the market.

If you are intending on creating a parody/satire of the characters, then… to an extent and depending on some specifics… yes, you can.

Anything else is likely copyright infringement. Even if your project is not a commercial one. Some companies are more strict than others on enforcing it… but you are better off in the long run just not doing it. Too risky =P

How we can use an other character of a different game? you have a web source of any characters (mario, zelda, geralt?)


I’m planning to make a multiplayer moba action/rpg parody game with the characters of all great persons of computer games. All in one. Mario, Zelda, Master Chief, Marcus Fenix, The Prophet, Gordon Freeman and many others. I’m planning to change all names, some colors of suits and make more comic stuff. Every character willhave own abilities and technique in the battle. Levels will have compares with original game levels in comic way.

Whether such a project violates the rights of the holders of the original characters?

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An before people start linking sites here where to get Zelda etc characters:

All in all, sayings “it’s parody” is weak excuse and will not cover ripped assets anyway, you’d still need to do them manually yourself and you could still get in trouble. In short, I’d just say: don’t do it.

Thank a lot for answers. May the Force be with you :slight_smile: