How can I upload my project to GitHub?

Hi,I’m new in UE.
How can I upload my UE project to GitHub?

Thank you in advanced.,

You want to post it on GitHub?

Yes,I want to post it on GitHub.

Hi, I’m going to assume you use Visual Studio. If you don’t then this probably won’t help you.

Things to note: Visual Studio is integrated with git and you don’t need to install anything apart from doing it within Visual Studio. It handles all the complicated parts of git or github so that you can just commit and push once you have made a change at the push of a button.

Supports Everything: Source, Bps or any type of unreal engine related data.

It’s currently the best workflow in my view. it takes me less than a minute to have my project on github everytime i start a new one. if you need a step by step guide or a tutorial: