How can I up a touch and drag input to work like a joystick without using the virtual joystick?

So here is what I am trying to achieve, I want to be able to touch my screen and drag up, down, left, or right and get a float value of 1 or -1 just like I would using the virtual joystick to emulate a gamepad but I do not want to use the virtual joystick to achieve this, I want the player to just be able to move their finger anywhere on the screen to move the pawn and I don’t really like the look of the virtual joystick(I feel like it takes up too much valuable screen real estate on a mobile device to keep it in my project at this time and don’t like the player having to use the same spot on the screen to move constantly as their finger might get in the way of seeing what is going on at the bottom of the screen if they move that far down) the problem is after a bit of searching I am finding ways of dragging and dropping things with touch input, and having the pawn follow the players finger, and I played around a little and got the pawn to move based on where I tapped the screen, but nothing that tells me how to calculate a simple “finger moved up, finger moved down, finger moved right, finger moved left” result, if I can get this info in a Vector 3 that is fine because I can convert that to a float, I am just not sure how to get a result of simply which direction did the player move their finger. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Additionally I would like to keep this solution limited to blueprinting if possible as I am trying to do this entire project without writing a single line of C++ code from start to finish to see how much I can accomplish without the use of code using UE4.