How can I un-merge instanced meshes?

If I merge static mesh actors, using merge tool, into instanced static mesh actor, how can I un-merge them from ISM back into individual static meshes?


Which merge tool are you referring to -
The builtin actor merge Window->DeveloperTools->MergeActors
or rama’s Instanced Static Mesh Feature

The first one (Merge Tool) is 1-way and creates a new static mesh actor (optionally replacing the old actor in scene). This is not instanced - it is literally 1 mesh, and cannot be reversed.

Rama’s tool does support attaching and detaching meshes from an Instanced Static Mesh. See his video for details -

Yeah that one.

I recall Rama was the one recommending using new UE4 tool instead of his. Which means it has to make ISM, optionally, and not just fuse several static meshes into a single new static mesh.

The merge tool has been around for a while ( used to be marked experiemental ). AFAIK it just creates a new singe static mesh which aggregates the source meshes.

Couldn’t find any mention of the new one Rama recommended.
You can manually create an ISM using the new Instanced Static Mesh Component in a blueprint - just drag it out, specify the source mesh, and add the instances.

Maybe this is what Rama was referring to?

BTW - The merge tool can aggregate multiple different static meshes, where an ISM has to be multiple instances of the same mesh…

Doing that works as it should, true. The problem is to pass transforms of existing static meshes to instances inside ISM actor.