How can I turn a project into a Vault item?

I have a project that is just a bunch of saved assets that I’ve collected. I would like to package my project into my Vault (much like a marketplace item) so I can add the assets to a future project by selecting “AddToProject”. How would I go about doing this?

Of course, I can always just go into my project and Migrate all of the assets, but it would be more convenient as a Vault item. And it would be nice to know in general.

HI Turing Machine,

Users do not have the ability to add to the Vault. This may change in a future release, but I don’t think it’s planned at the moment.


Would be great to be able to create folders in the vault at least.

Just adding that it would be immensely helpful and time-saving for users to be able to add their personal packs / project types to the vault. When beginning a new project, I spend a good 15-20 minutes migrating assets from previous projects.