How can I turing my horse when it decelerating

I want the horses to slow down slowly, I set horse->CharacterMovement->Braking DecelerationWalking = 200, It works, but when horse decelerating, I use A/D to turning, just mesh turning, whole character is still moving forward. like Img.
I override velocity direction in cpp, keep velocity size as same but direction equals mesh forward vector. works well but I don’t know is this correct ways?

I think you should not rotate the mesh, you should rotate the capsule or the actor. I’m not sure.
I’m supposing your actor horse is of type “Character”.

Thanks for reply, It’s Inherited “ACharacter”, I set CMC->bUseControllerDesiredRotation = true, and rotate the ControlRotation, It actually rotate the capsule, Corrected by CMC.