How can I transfer the skeleton from the Mannequin to an unrigged mesh?

I would like to use the skeleton from the Mannequin from the animation starter pack on a mesh that I created in Maya.

I found a lot of documentation on animation re-targeting and sharing skeletons, but I don’t know how to bind the mesh that I made to the skeleton from the mannequin.

Thank you.

EDIT: Video not working with last updates, but you can do it, I’m not a pro with blender and I’ve done 4 different meshes of different sizes.

It’s just a serie of steps and there’s some i can’t remember, you can’t simply import the rig and adapt it to your mesh.

Can’t find tutorials right now, otherwise I’ll tell you

you will have to export the mannequin from ue4. you should be able to do this by right clicking the skeletal mesh and then select asset actions and export (if i remember right). then you will need to import the skeletal mesh into your 3d modeling software and remove the mesh part. this will leave the bones aka the rig. now you just have to line everything up and associate the rig an your mesh.

the exact steps to accomplish all of this will be different between modeling programs. also from what i can tell the mannequin doesnt import well into blender.

below is a link to a tutorial by ratsgame where he he imports the mannequin into max.