How can I test my game performance?


So I have some experience developing, zero experience packaging and testing in alpha, so I would like to hear suggestions about which one could be the best way to test performance on my game.

I did some sort of game like counter strike, it should support at least 16 players at the same time, I´m confident I replicated just what was needed but… I guess you can´t be sure until is running for real.

Is there any option/application to log or read data consumption, memory consumption?.. I´m wondering how can I tell what are the minimal requirements for my game also.

For the last, is there any difference if I pack my game in Epic quality, and then in any other lower quality? does this setting works for development only? or it has some role when it´s already cooked?

Any suggestion or direction to read something will be very welcome!


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After several days, I found this option that looks helpful for my purpose.

So bad nobody replied, so Im closing my question with this.

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