How can I temporarily block the actions of the player while it is running a cut scene?


You will want to use Set Cinematic Mode in your blueprint/level blueprint. With that you can toggle what the player can do before and after a matinee plays. Let me know if that helps you.

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Lately I’ve been working on my simple game, the player base of the game is to shooter game, useful because it has many features of the game.

I created a cut scene about 10 seconds, shows the various objectives to complete. I wish that while the movie is playing, the player base to shooter game, he had no way of being controlled both movements in the shot … such as in the famous games, while the movie goes all the player’s actions are temporarily blocked.

This feature would be very useful to me, because in while the movie is playing, the player who is playing by tapping the trigger could move nearby.

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I’ve solved a problem caused by my inexperience.

Thank you so much. Also today I learned other things, thanks to you

I managed to lock all the functions of the player.

One last thing, after the movie is completed, how do I resume the game functions?

Thank you , you’ve been of help and everything was resolved.

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The top Bool Value’s checkbox indicates if you are activating or deactivating the cinematic mode. You would just make a second Set Cinematic Mode node after the Play Matinee with the “Cinematice Mode” checkbox set to be deactivated.